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Develop creative problem-solving skills, reduce stress and strengthen your team by tapping into the power of creative play. Using either drawing games, creative writing prompts, improv games or a mix of these, I offer participants a chance to exercise their imaginations, let off steam, and connect with the other people in the room.

Currently, workplace stress and burnout cost U.S. organizations an estimated $500 billion per year in lost productivity and employee turnover. Research shows that burnout is on the rise: 52% of all employees are currently feeling burned out, up +9% from a pre-COVID study.

Incorporating creative play at work can help prevent burnout, protect productivity, and build more resilient, connected teams. 

Sources: Harvard Business Review and Indeed  


Hi, I'm Stephanie Watson and I love to make things.

I'm an award-winning children's book author who draws for fun. I also enjoy making collages, painting, doing theater improvisation, dancing and knitting. 

For the past 15 years, I’ve used my own creative practice as a springboard to teach writing and drawing workshops. I use playful exercises and games to help people surprise themselves with what shows up on the blank page. Together, we remember something we all knew as kids—creative play feels great. 

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My workshops consist of guided exercises that help connect participants with the creative energy and joy we all experienced as children at play. These classes are for "non-artists," people who already love to draw and write, and everyone in between. The sessions are fun, funny, nonjudgmental, and supportive. ​

Whether you want to give employees a fun way to decrease stress and boost creativity, or are seeking team-building opportunities, let's connect. I can teach in person or online. Book a single workshop or a series! 

"Stephanie's workshop provided our team with that perfect blend of skill building, team bonding and fun. We all left the workshop newly energized about our individual and collective creativity, with stronger connections to each other, and inspired for the work at hand." 

Max Musicant

Principal of the Musicant Group 

"Respecting our biologically programmed need for play can transform work. It can bring back excitement and newness to our job. Play helps us deal with difficulties, provides a sense of expansiveness, promotes mastery of our craft, and is an essential part of the creative process. In the long run, work does not work without play."

Dr. Stuart Brown,

Founder of the National Institute for Play

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